Pandora’s Box (BFI Film Classics), British Film Institute, 2018

Essays in edited collections

‘Reverent Fidelity: Early Adaptations of Alice’, Wonderland – Exhibition Catalogue, Thames & Hudson, 2018

‘Can you trust the cinema?’, Thriller: A BFI Compendium, British Film Institute, 2017

‘The Informer’, San Francisco Silent Film Festival Program Book, 2017

‘Dream lovers: love and the silent cinema’, Love: A BFI Compendium, British Film Institute, 2015, pp 8-17

DVD/Blu-ray essays

‘The Crimson Kimono’, Samuel Fuller at Columbia, 1937-1961, Indicator, 2018

‘The Tall T’, Five Tall Tales: Budd Boetticher & Randolph Scott at Columbia, 1957-1960, Indicator, 2018

‘Cocktails Incite the Human Machine’, L’Atlantide, Arrow Academy, [delayed]

Ingrid Bergman’s Swedish Years, Eclipse/Criterion Collection, 2018

‘Le Bonheur’, The Agnès Varda Collection, Artificial Eye, 2017

‘The Cocoanuts’, The 4 Marx Brothers at Paramount, 1929-1933, Arrow Academy, 2017

‘Walk Cheerfully’, Ozu Collection – the Gangster Films, British Film Institute, 2013